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Company Introduction……

Tooice Dry Ice Technology ( Yantai ) is a joint venture which was established by Taiwan TOOICE Ice Machinery Holding Corp and Yantai Easvita Equipment Co Ltd in mainland China for the dry ice equipment manufacturing and the relative service ; Its main business field covers the manufacturing and sales of the dry ice blasting machine and the dry ice pelletizer series. The manufacturing technique, equipment and employee training are supported by Taiwan Tooice whereas Yantai Easvita Equipment Co, Ltd take the responsibility for the management of the operation and the sales promotion for the products under the market brand “TOOICE”.

Taiwan Tooice was originally established by Dr. Gao Juntu and Mr. Lin Yichi in 1998 with the advanced dry ice blasting technology from United States after their back to Taiwan . Within several years Tooice people have developed and produced a series of dry ice manufacturing and dry ice cleaning machine. The present products have reached the international advanced level after several times of technical upgrade .

TOOICE products has has become the first choice for dry-cleaning solution in Taiwan because of its high quality, stable performance and high reliability .

According to the sales statistics for the fourth quarter of 2012, TOOICE products has taken a sale proportion of 15% for the total sales in Taiwan .

In order to develop the market in mainland China, TOOICE invested the manufacturing in Yantai in 2012 with the joint venture with Yantai Easvita and meanwhile realized the the local production for the total line..

In order to change the disadvantage by traditional chemical & water cleaning in the industrial field,, especially in order to avoid the problem of secondary pollution caused by wet fluid cleaning, TOOICE has designed a complete reasonable dry ice blast cleaning system for our customer with the obvious advantage of security, energy saving and environmental protection.

The character of TOOICE dry ice blast technology are flame retardant, explosion-proof, low energy consumption, environment protection which make it the first choice to replace the traditional mode of cleaning..

Tooice dry ice pelletizer machine, & dry ice blasting machine are widely applied in the casting, tire manufacturing, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, electric power industry, the automotive industry, printing industry and other industries for molds cleaning, industrial cleaning equipment, machinery and equipment cleaning.

TOOICE concentrated its focus on the dry ice cleaning technology for years and we have rich experience in the dry ice product development ,circulation & application under every different environment . We can provide customers with the best dry ice solution with economic consumption. We can assure our customer of the best quality of our products in this industrial field. We can provide our customer valuable service which will surely earn their trust.

At present, we provide a professional service line for dry ice pelletizer machine and dry ice blasting machine incl providing the machine and its necessary accessories to maximize our customer's cost saving.

TOOICE products have become the first choice for more and more customers . In the future our developmen will focus on the manipulation of our products with high reliability, easy operation , automatic online cleaning, unmanned operation . TOOICE will do the best in the coordination of the improvement of operation situation for dry ice blasting operation and the operation cost saving. We have full confidence in that by the joint efforts with our customers TOOICE will have a brilliant development in the field of no-fluid cleaning.